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Arrangements by Carolyn

Yes, like most musicians, I'm also a cat-lover.

For many years, I have had late-night arranging helpers.

We currently have two feline friends in our family. Jasper, our black and white kitty, has demonstrated his intense interest in the performance and physics of music, particularly the keyboard.  He has also indicated an interest in the art of directing,  He will no doubt become an important helper in future arranging activities.              

Milo, our most recent family addition, was adopted from an animal rescue group. So far, he has not indicated any special musical tendencies, but he is an ardent listener.  He is also a "mush" cat, happy be held and loved!   

Unfortunately, Zippy, my black and white feline friend, ascended to kitty heaven after sharing our family life for 20 years.  She was a very special cat, and she will never be forgotten! 

Tony, my 'tiger' cat, recently joined Zippy in the mousefield in the sky. Tony was a feral kitten, born in a barn and adopted into our family 16 1/2 years ago.  He shared Andrea and Lauren's childhood.  As Andrea once sang to him, "You are my friend, you're special to me."  We all miss him.

Here are some candid shots of the kitties!

            Jasper (born 2000)                                      



Milo and Jasper relaxing to the sound of barbershop arranging


Tony (1985-2001)


                                 Zippy   (1980-2000)